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Global Identity & Standards

It all starts with identifying yourself to the global community.

Bar codes have become their own language. You will need a license that grants you a GLN which consists of a GS1 company prefix and a location number. Determining how many unique products you plan on developing is part of the pre-planning we will work together with you on. Planning how many products you anticipate developing will also determine the cost of this license (you can always do more later but will get a new prefix…..)

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Selling a product starts with a GS1 barcode number/GTIN license

Providing your new customers the information they require to have your items ‘set up’ continues with 1 World Sync…..but it doesn’t end there. 1WS requires a great deal of customizing. Conceptually, one source for your “hard” data is a great concept. The reality is that every customer has unique requirements that build on your initial 1WS data. We understand the customers and the portals.

 GS1  Standards  provide  the  basis  of  a global standardization to increase the efficiency of the identification, tracking, and transportation of goods and services. This standardization and global compliance has provided companies the world over to access and trade with new partners.  For  example, retailers  require suppliers  to  place  an  EAN/UPC  barcode  (carrying  a  GTIN)  on  the  consumer  package  and  require  that  GTIN  to be  used  in communications  (such  as  invoices).  These  agreements  allow  industry  to  measure  conformance  to requirements  in  a  consistent  way. Unfortunately, the  documentation  of  conformance  requirements  in  the system  of  GS1  Standards  is  not  easy  to  locate  or  to  understand. Documenting  clear conformance  requirements  and  making  them  easy  to  find, and  understand,  will  add  value to  the  GS1   General  Specifications,  both  now  and into the  future  (where  we  expect  a  period  of  significant changes  to  GS1  AIDC  Standards). The  concept  of  Application  Standard  Profiles  (ASPs)  is proposed  to  meet  the  needs  of  the  GS1  community  by   making  conformance  requirements  easier  to  find  and  easier  to  understand  (for  both existing  and  future applications). 

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