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Financial Analytics Program

Platform Services is completing development of an advanced analytics tool that provides an unparalleled integration of data from multiple sources, creating a proprietary Financial Analytics Program to provide useful, real-time insights in support of decision making in all key areas.

Prepare and analyze data with an augmented intelligence platform that is designed to provide actionable insights. No more massive data silos that require too much time to quantify.....empower decision makers to quickly and easily work with cross-organizational data, on their own.

Our process is broken into 4 steps:

  1. Gather | Centralize scattered financial and operational data from all your organizational platforms in one place. Bring together data from any ERP, GL, CRM, or any other transactional system, as well as data from spreadsheets of any structure or template.

  2. Prepare | Benefit from improved data preparation with automated data transformations including consolidations, FX conversions, eliminations, hierarchies, financial adjustments, and more.

  3. Visualize | With a complete set of data create clear visualizations and reports and have the option of using in an Excel environment.

  4. Report | Perform advanced investigations into data including variance, horizontal, and vertical analyses. Slice and dice data, drill down, and perform ad-hoc analyses to guide business decisions.

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